Greetings all,

After being inactive for nearly a year, I have decided to close down Hi Tide and rebrand myself. I enjoyed writing about fashion and music but I felt I was restricting myself from showcasing all of my abilities and interests. I was getting bored, quite frankly, and writing on this blog just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Therefore, I have created a new blog, Hashtag Mike (stylized #MIKE). This blog will contain more free write pieces, journalistic pieces, and a lot more of my personal opinion, still with a focus on pop culture, including music and fashion. I am doing this in an effort to revitalize my writing spirit and break free from the limits I was placing on myself by trying to be a fashion blog.

I hope all of you who have contributed to the success of Hi Tide will understand and follow me in this new project.

To reach the new site, simply click here or go to hashtagmike.wordpress.com


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